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Mona Lisa - Ibiblio Portrait of Mona Lisa (1479-1528), also known as La Gioconda , the wife of Francesco del Giocondo; 1503-06 (150 Kb); Oil on wood, 77 x 53 cm (30 x 20 7/8 in);  The Mona Lisa's Eyes Are Not Following You Around the ...

4 Sep 2013 Proposed sitters for the “Mona Lisa” have included da Vinci's mother Caterina, Princess Isabella of Naples, a Spanish noblewoman named  Want to See the Mona Lisa? Get in Line - The New York Times 12 Aug 2019 PARIS — The Mona Lisa gets around. In 1516, she was lugged out of Italy on the back of a mule by Leonardo da Vinci and ended up in France, 

How to Visit the Mona Lisa in Her New Location at the Louvre ...

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa Facts: Why is the Mona Lisa ... 15 Jun 2019 Why is Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' so famous? Here, we explore Mona Lisa facts to answer the question about this iconic oil painting. Mona Lisa | Artanddesign | The Guardian From the Guardian archive Archive, 23 August 1911: Mona Lisa stolen from Louvre. Published: 23 Mona Lisa fans decry brief encounter with their idol in Paris. Mona Lisa fans decry brief encounter with their idol in Paris ... 13 Aug 2019 But the Mona Lisa's transfer from its usual gallery in the Salle des États, currently undergoing renovations, to the magnificent Galerie Médicis, 

7 Oct 2019 The Mona Lisa's home has gotten a makeover. The Louvre's most famous painting was reinstalled in its longtime gallery in the museum's Salle  Mona Lisa - Wikidata Mona Lisa. cuadro de Leonardo da Vinci. La Gioconda; La Mona Lisa; Gioconda; La Joconde. Traditional Chinese. 蒙娜麗莎. 達文西畫作. Chinese. 蒙娜丽莎. Mona Lisa Italian Foods | 2061 India Street, San Diego, CA ...

15 Jul 2019 To do so, they walk straight past countless masterpieces of the European Renaissance. So why does the "Mona Lisa" seem so special? Leonardo da Vinci may have painted another 'Mona Lisa ... 6 Sep 2019 Kept hidden for decades in a Swiss vault, the so-called "Isleworth Mona Lisa" is at the center of a mysterious ownership dispute.


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